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This is not just a game, this is a cinematic masterpiece. You literally feel as if you are controlling the plot within a Hollywood film. The visuals have been completely revamped and although Liberty City is not as big as San Andreas, there are many more things that can be done within the space that is used. This is definitely the most depth we have ever seen in an electronic world.

As with the GTAIII trilogy, Grand Theft Auto IV is all about the moments. Don’t get me wrong: minute by minute, hour by hour, this is one of the most stupendous experiences gaming has to offer, but it’s the moments that matter. These are the moments where you laugh out loud at a lewd joke in a cut scene or another biting bit of satire on the radio, then accidentally plough into a police car, setting off a disastrous car chase when you were seconds away from a mission objective. These are the moments where the onscreen action and some random tune on the soundtrack come together to create something cool and incongruous or just plain cool. And what makes GTAIV so incredible is that my moments won’t be your moments and your moments won’t be the same as anybody else’s. Despite all the clones – the True Crimes, the Saint’s Rows, the Scarfaces and the Mercenaries – it’s a simple fact that nobody does this stuff better than Rockstar, and even Rockstar has never done this stuff so brilliantly before.

“You rarely get games that force you think or garner emotions towards AI characters, GTA IV has executed that perfectly. The story changes according to the decision you make, it may not have a HUGE impact as you continue through the game but it will change certain things more or less. Make decisions as you feel right. It’s completely your decision and you are going to hate and love it at the same time. What GTA IV has given us is a brilliantly crafted storyline with entertainment from the start to finish. With the inclusion of sensible and thought provoking decision making, GTA IV has taken one step forward in the right direction.” 

I think the key words here are density and detail. At its core, GTAIV still isn’t a huge departure from Vice City, San Andreas or GTAIII. It’s another tale of rags to riches on the wrong side of the law. The basic structure is familiar: find your feet, take missions from various mobsters and dodgy dealers, take cars when you need to, work your way up through the criminal fraternity and lie, cheat, steal and kill your way to a better life. What has made each GTA better than the last is the ludicrous amount of stuff that Rockstar piles on top. Get a girlfriend, play pool, go bowling, browse the Web, take in the sights, have a meal, see a show, get off your face on booze, change your threads, and much, much more. Liberty City is just packed with things to do, and at no point does any one of them seem like a side issue or a mini-game. They’re all just parts of your hero’s ongoing life story.

“We all play games to do things we wouldn’t normally be able to in the real world, like fly a helicopter, dance the funky chicken, eat a plastic bag, sleep during the day and even play basketball. GTA4 lets you do many criminal things in a fantasy world, but a world so believable it truly feels as though it lives and breathes.

As well as cars and trucks and buses, you can also commandeer motorbikes, boats and even helicopters. You can explore Liberty City and its surrounding suburbs by road, rail, sea and air, and it’s a lot of fun.”

The world Rockstar has created here is an awesome achievement. A lesser developer might have pastiched New York, copying the look and feel of the different neighbourhoods and nicking enough iconic stuff to make it work, but Rockstar has bottled its own twisted version of the city and made it feel like a living, breathing place. The different areas and boroughs aren’t just placed next to each other; they seem to merge and flow together, the character changing with the shop signs, the buildings, the streets and the pavement furniture. Each place has a tangible atmosphere, with none of the sterility that hampered True Crime or Saint’s Row. You can almost feel the dirt and smell the smells. As the game bathes the streets in warm evening sun or your car makes its way through a swirling mist straight out of Taxi Driver, the effect is incredibly potent. With the exception of Bioshock’s Rapture, I can’t think of another gaming world that has felt so real.

This time around you take on the persona of Niko Bellic, an Eastern European attempting to escape his past and make a new life for himself in the land of opportunity that is North America. He arrives in Liberty City to meet up with his “rich and successful” cousin Roman and to live the American dream only to find out that his cousin may have slightly bent the truth about his current situation. Starting from the ground up Niko makes his living taking lives and being ruthless. Not exactly the life he came to America to live, but he is bent on forgetting his past. The more you progress you grow an attachment to Niko. He resorts to this lifestyle as a means to live, but you’ll notice at times that he really isn’t content with this type of living. The more he feels wary, the closer connection you feel with the actual character.

“Every previous GTA games had amazing voice acting but it lacked something. The characters lacked a sense of personality, in GTA IV every character and by “every” we mean “every” character has some sort of amazing distinctive personality. Niko Bellic is a quiet but smart guy who knows when it’s right to talk and when it isn’t. He is a far more matured and crafted character then any of the main protagonist from the previous games.

He has a past and the way it is revealed through the game is just damn amazing. Roman on the other hand is a chilled out but scared fellow, he gambles, drinks and has an over the top imagination. When someone does screw over Roman, he is scared and doesn’t care but Niko on the other hand has a rule, no one messes with his family.”

Liberty City is supposed to be loosely based on New York. There is so much detail and a sense of actual life going on within this digital city. The blocks are accurate representations of how they are in real life. Traveling through a higher class area and things are going to portray the wealth of the area, and the opposite for less fortunate areas that sport cracked streets and criminals roaming the streets among the homeless as well. You will rarely if ever come across the same pedestrians twice, and now the city fights back. If you attempt to steal someones car then expect to face a slew of community heroes trying to do the right thing.

It’s a brand new layout and a totally new game, there of course are new features that play a key part in the game play. One of the new features that plays a key role is building relationships. The cell phone feature is a vital aspect of the game. People will contact you as you can contact them. Whether you choose to answer or not is your decision. Answering can lead to a closer relationship with the person where as neglecting to answer the phone can leave the person feeling neglected and unwanted and ultimately leaving you alone. You can even receive text messages. Making these friends definitely does have its benefits though. Each friend you make in Liberty City has a special ability and can in some way help you out within the game if he or she likes you enough.

There are a little over 90 storyline missions that will take you roughly 30 hours to complete. Although all of the missions are pretty similar, you’ll enjoy them all the same. The rich textures of Liberty City keep you entertained as well as the excellent music within the game. You could probably play this game all the way through multiple times and still would not become obsolete.

“There’s pretty much nothing in this game that isn’t fun. Sometimes the missions can be frustratingly difficult, but with practice they can be learned and overcome.”

Multi player is also a big thing for GTA IV. This is the first console version of GTA to ever have a multi player function and its definitely a home run. Even if there was no story line and no off line game play period, this game would still be worth purchasing simply for the online functionality. You can edit your character with very few options and take the battle online with up to 15 other online players. The cover feature and new target system definitely make the game play much smoother and although the cover system isn’t perfect, it does what it needs to do. There is also over 12 multi player game types for you to enjoy so as you can see there is definitely much to be done online.

The physics have also become much more realistic. All cars drive differently depending on size or model and when driving uphill you will feel strain as if you were driving a real car up a steep hill. Little things like this just add to the realism of the game even the more upscale cars tend to have voice GPS systems where as the cheaper counter parts do not. Rockstar definitely took their time with this game. There are a few glitches here and there but nothing that would make the game any less enjoyable.

The musical choices are vast and almost endless. One moment you can be cruising through liberty city hearing the calm and soothing melodies of Miles Davis or Duke Ellington, but the next you can be on a murderous rampage while bumping Nas or Prodigy. With 19 different stations, you are bound to find something to fit your style. From punk/hardcore rock, to dance hall, to a station dedicated to Bob Marley and his “Tuff Gong” record label. The game itself (upon release) will hold the record for largest soundtrack ever featured in a video game. Each station holds about a healthy 20+ songs per station, blowing previous games with about 8-9 tracks per station, out of the water. Aside from the music, the infamous GTA chat stations are back. This time, there are two different choices. Like the GTAs before, these offer some of the funniest dialogue present in the game and will keep you laughing for hours. 

“The game’s developer, Rockstar, has crafted one of the best games in the history of electronic entertainment.”

“Grand Theft Auto 4 has been in development for more than four years and across two continents, Europe and America. It’s a monumental game that will go down in the annals of not only gaming history, but cultural history as truly visionary and eminently interactive work of art. Highly recommended.”

All in all this is one of the best games i have ever played. If i were to give it a rating I’d say 9.5/10.The game cost over 100 million dollars to make and it definitely was worth every penny. I have not seen such realism and cohesiveness in a free roam game before. Many replicate, but none better than the original. The Grand Theft Auto series is back to claim its thrown at the top of the video game industry, and I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“This game is definitely breathtaking and without a doubt one of the best games I’ve ever seen period.” 


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